Vosswood meeting at Valley Fair Nordstrom/ Photoshoot Santana Row, De Young Museum & SF

Katie (@katherinexeileen) and I took a quick trip to Valley Fair Nordstrom for a future Pop-up shop meeting. Before the meeting we went to Santana Row which is a beautiful outdoor shopping mall with beautiful weather, hotels, and shops. We had a quick photo shoot before the meeting with Nordstrom. The meeting with Nordstrom went well but I didn't get a definite answer if I was going to be able to set up shop for a day in the beautiful Valley Fair Nordstrom.

After the meeting we went to the Golden Gate Park which led us to the De Young Museum. Vosswood and the arts are a perfect match for some education and good shots. We got some positive inspiration from the installations from all the artists which is beautifully displayed on the giantic walls. From big to small, their beauty was being displayed so elegantly. 

After our museum adventure, we met up with Audrey (@queenaudreen). She showed us all the good spots for photoshops in San Francisco. Charmaine's was the spot! The sweeping views combined with the lounge like setting was the perfect spot to get some shots. We did some work then we went to get some food at Souvla, another recommendation by Audrey. Fast-fine Greek restaurant was the perfect spot to end the night. 

The next day I got an email from Nordstrom loving the brand and deeper meaning jewelry we stand for. I scheduled a pop-up at Valley Fair Nordstrom on Saturday, September 8. See you there!

Where you goin'?

Audrey - Lava Floating Bead Necklace

Raw Crystal Necklace

Katie - Raw Crystal Necklace

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