A little bit about Vosswood

Hey there, I'm Matt.

I started Vosswood in 2014 because jewelry was constantly failing me, breaking, and not lasting. I can remember the excitement of my first big jewelry investment and equally as vivid was the moment the bracelet broke months later. I wanted a bracelet that would never break itself, or the bank. It seemed like customer's knew the pain of broken jewelry all too well and the durability of my designs were the perfect answer. 

In 2018 I started my pop ups at local businesses and my first was at Nordstrom Arden. My first clients were from out of town and they bought 5 beaded bracelets. This gave me the energy to do more pop ups. In 3 years I did 150 pop ups. I was able to secure a spot in midtown for an office. For my 1 year anniversary, I threw a disco themed party, to this day I keep the disco theme at my shop. 

In November 2021 I started my permanent jewelry venture from a TikTok I saw. I was so intrigued, and loved the idea, that I decided to buy a machine and gold and started sparking. I did 50 pop ups for permanent jewelry in 2022 and now have a brick and mortar shop on Sutter Street in Folsom, CA. The aesthetic is “disco barn.” Clients have said, “it’s a fun experience, and will be back for more! I always say, “welcome to your new addiction!”
Thank you for visiting! See you soon 🙏🏼