About Us

From sourcing the natural stones to making each bracelet, meet Vosswood's founder and maker, Matthew Rivera.
Mission statement: To provide strong bracelets, made to last with a deeper meaning.
Vosswood Stonelove Jewelry
Voss - Ancestors name. Wood - Building a strong company from the ground up, with deep roots to have continuous growth like a forest. Much like trees need soil, water, and sun to grow, Vosswood needs a supportive community so it can grow to be sustainable like a thriving forest.
Stonelove = The love for stones! Most of us have collected different stones and semi-precious gemstones growing up. Even now as adults our curiosity to the rawness of these types of crystals and stones never went away. When Matthew sources the stones, he first looks for natural stones that have stunning color. After making a bracelet he will study each particular stone and fully appreciate the beauty with a deeper meaning. 
Our jewelry tells a story. From when it was created in our earths crust, to where the owner takes it on their quest through life.