I was fed up with my bracelets breaking so I started making durable bracelets that could withstand the tough lifestyle many of us live.
From sourcing natural stones to crafting each bracelet, meet Vosswood's founder and maker, Matthew Rivera.
Picture taken by Joshua Fraser @jfpersonalstyling

It all started simply because my bracelets were breaking. They were made from cheap materials like elastic or thin cord but weren’t cheap in price. For example, I spent over $400 on one beaded bracelet and it broke within the same year. After it broke I went to the craft store to find more durable products. It took me two years to find durable materials and form my own style named Vosswood meaning strong family. Each piece of jewelry is made with the most positive intention to be enjoyed as a piece of art with a story to tell. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you can find some pieces that you can connect with and call your own. 
Why I use Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones
Ever since I was young I’ve collected stones and categorized them by their names and the minerals inside the different stones. Each stone has a different meaning which I personally love researching and relating to my personal life. When a client comes to my office to make a bracelet we have the "Crystal Bible," to get a more deeper meaning of the stones.