Get Sparked FAQs

Permanent Jewelry FAQ's

What is permanent jewelry?

Instead of a typical clasp closure, permanent jewelry is welded closed. You can still remove the jewelry with scissors if you want to take it off.

What are the prices for permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is calculated based on the circumference of your wrist in inches. Chains change frequently but prices start at $16, $20, $25 & $35 per inch.

Do you do anklets or necklaces?

We only do bracelets. Anklets and necklaces are not suitable for permanent jewelry.

What happens if it breaks?

If your bracelet breaks, or stretches we can repair it once for free! Each time after that its $10. If it is broken or stretched beyond repair, you will need to purchase a new bracelet. 

What if I have to remove my bracelet?

If at any point you have to remove your jewelry for any reason (MRI, surgery, sports). it can be clipped off with scissors or clippers. We can always weld it back on for $10 welding fee.

Is it Dangerous?

No! We use a high quality jewelry micro welding machine and an experienced welder to perform the service. There is no flame, just a tiny Spark!

Where is the service performed?
Right now we are only doing pop ups. Check out our event calendar to see where we will be next. We also make home calls, get a group together, a $50-$200 booking fee is required and have 10+ bracelets and I'll drive to your home or business and have a Sparked Party! Use our contact form to reserve a spot now!